Sunday, December 2, 2012

Where Farmer Joe Gets It From

In families it is always said, "Oh, they get that trait from great uncle so and do."  Well Farmer Joe gets the majority of his farming traits from his Granpa Miller.  Yesterday Farmer Joe and his youngest brother J and his cousin J went down to his grandad's to help split wood.  I of course took pictures.

Beautiful place he has and he always has some type of farm animal.  The goats were cooperative enough to let me take pictures, but the young steer was no where to be found.

Grandad, youngest brother J and cousin J

Farmer Joe splitting the rounds

Farmer Joe split the big rounds of wood so it would be easier for the boys to handle, while Grandad ran the wood splitter.   It only took them about four hours to get it all done.  Then of course Grandad had to feed everyone lunch.  What is it about grandparents that they can't let you leave without feeding you?  But it does give you warm feelings from knowing they care.  Farmer Joe's Grandad is one special man.  I love sitting and talking with him and hearing him tell stories and then joke and try and get one over on us.  There are tons of memories and love in this gentleman and we cherish any time we get to spend with him.  When Farmer Joe tells a story about growing up, nine times out of ten, they involve his grandad.  And whether they are funny, loving or informational I am so thankful that he has them and was able to spend so much of his younger life with this amazing man.  Farmer Joe is the man he is today due in part to the influence of his grandad.  For this I am grateful, he could not have had a better role model.  If you ask Farmer Joe he will tell you that his grandad is his hero.  A better one he could not have chosen.


  1. Always nice to get a chance to help the older folks with some chores!

    Gives a good reason to visit for a while!

    Nice looking place!

  2. My father grew up on a farm with 11 siblings and even at his advanced age he has the best work ethics and a level of kindness that I seldom encounter. There is a lot to be said for having a great heritage.

    Roslyn enjoyed your pics!