Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gluestick not Chapstick

Some people should use a gluestick instead of chapstick.  You know the ones I am talking about, people that talk incessantly without having anything to really say.  Now don't get me wrong I always enjoy a good conversation, a lively debate and even random observations.  But people who comment on everything or tell me things and think that I should have some interest in them get on my last nerve.  You don't have to tell me the sky is blue, I can look and see that for myself.  No, I don't know your Great Aunt Myrtle on your father's side and I am sorry but I could care less about her gall bladder.  Yes, you can lay your jacket there, no it is not in my way.  Yes, the garbage truck just went by ( I am sitting in front of the window it passed).  Yes the chair speaks, I can plainly hear it.   Some may laugh and say this sounds like a child's conversation but this is coming from adults.  And inane chatter when I am busy at a task is like a mosquito buzzing near your ear in a dark room as you are trying to fall asleep, ANNOYING!  I know everyone has pet peeves and I want to thank you for letting me vent about one of mine.  Sometimes you just need to rant a little to calm your nerves.  What are the annoying things that get to you?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Fever

How can one be bored, restless, and depressed with their mind going a mile a minute.  The only thing I can think of is spring fever.  My brain keeps going over lists that I need to get started on or completed.  My body says overload, let's just sit here awhile.  Then I start tapping my fingers because sitting here I get bored.      So I get up to start something, then in the middle, something else catches my attention so I move on to it.  Then realize I need to finish the first thing, so I sit back down to rethink my gameplan and have trouble getting back up and started on anything.  It is cold and dreary here this weekend, last weekend it was springlike and the energy I had was wonderful.  I have not checked the weather for the coming week, but I am sure hoping it resembles the season we are supposed to be in.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cigarettes, Lingerie and Buckshot

There have been some strange goings on in the neighborhood lately. First off let me classify what I think of as my neighborhood, it consists of the houses on each side of me and the two across the road. It is roughly a mile of road and approximately 40 acres. Now within a month and a half in three of these houses there has been five deaths, which is strange and sad in it's own right, but not what has me worried. Two weeks ago Farmer Joe and I found a cigarette pack about three quarters up our drive (the drive is 1000 foot long.) Now both he and I smoke, but it was not either of our brands nor was it a brand of any of our friends that smoke. Then a week later as Farmer Joe was walking home from work, he cut across the field and came across a piece of lingerie. Due to the size and the fact that none of mine had been hung on a clothesline to blow off recently we determined we had had a visitor sometime in the night. I think someone is using our driveway as a make out spot. Because of the curve in the drive you would be well hidden from the road. Then last week, someone was beating on the door of one of the houses across the road at a late hour. Lights were turned on, but no one was ever seen. So I have come up with a plan, that is if Farmer Joe will let me carry it out. Phase I: Stay up late on Friday and Saturday nights and creep thru the woods and stake out the driveway. If I see someone pull in and stop give them a good few minutes and then BLAM! A warning shot fired across the top of the car. Or Phase II: use the lingerie for target practice attach it to a sign that reads “If this was yours, don't bother coming back.” Farmer Joe looks at me when I mention either idea and just sort of shakes his head. I understand teenage hormones, I was one once upon a time. But for pete's sake find a road that leads to the river or a forest road in the mountains and leave my drive alone.

After much consideration over how to handle this without have the law called or seriously scaring the crap out of someone we have either decided to put up an electronic gate or get one of the drive way alarms. Personally I am voting for the alarm. Trespassers won't know it's there and if it goes off in the middle of the night, I can still sneak down and scare them. Wish me luck.

Monday, March 18, 2013

In Celebration of St. Patrick's Day

we planted potatoes.  It was a gorgeous weekend so Farmer Joe and I got a few things checked off the to do list.  Saturday was spent running errands, building two new raised beds and a visit to a local greenhouse to see what was sprouting.  Sunday we planted potatoes.  This may seem an odd St. Patty's day tribute, but in my weird logic it fit.  St. Patty's day is an Irish celebration, Ireland is famous for the potato famine which brought some of my ancestors to this country, so we planted Irish potatoes in remembrance.  I know my brain is strange.  Cooler weather has set in again this week, so we will be working indoors again.  Hopefully by the weekend we will be ready to move yet another load from the rental house.  My goal is to be out of it by April 15th.  All prayers for some good luck on that front would be much appreciated.