Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gluestick not Chapstick

Some people should use a gluestick instead of chapstick.  You know the ones I am talking about, people that talk incessantly without having anything to really say.  Now don't get me wrong I always enjoy a good conversation, a lively debate and even random observations.  But people who comment on everything or tell me things and think that I should have some interest in them get on my last nerve.  You don't have to tell me the sky is blue, I can look and see that for myself.  No, I don't know your Great Aunt Myrtle on your father's side and I am sorry but I could care less about her gall bladder.  Yes, you can lay your jacket there, no it is not in my way.  Yes, the garbage truck just went by ( I am sitting in front of the window it passed).  Yes the chair speaks, I can plainly hear it.   Some may laugh and say this sounds like a child's conversation but this is coming from adults.  And inane chatter when I am busy at a task is like a mosquito buzzing near your ear in a dark room as you are trying to fall asleep, ANNOYING!  I know everyone has pet peeves and I want to thank you for letting me vent about one of mine.  Sometimes you just need to rant a little to calm your nerves.  What are the annoying things that get to you?

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  1. My friend, I know exactly what you're taking about...and I feel the same way!