Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Roofing Rant

They dropped off the roofing materials for the new tin roof on Tuesday.  We were told they would be back on Wednesday to start the job, it was raining so we understood waiting until the weather was more suitable.  Wednesday morning dawned sunny, but cold.  No roofers.  Called them and they said we will be there Thursday morning at 7:30.  Thursday dawned bright and sunny and still cold.  Low and behold, 7:00 and trucks started showing up.  Yay, roofers!  Old shingles off the back, new tin on.  Old shingles off the front new tin on.  Old shingles off the kitchen porch, new tin on.  Old shingles off the front porch, part of the new tin on.  Ridge cap going on, wait, last 3 foot not covered.  One piece of trim on. Quit for the day, "We'll be back at 7:30 in the morning."  Friday dawned bright, sunny and cold with frost.  Guy comes to pick up the trailer and says "We'll be back as soon as the frost burns off."  No problem.  I somewhat understand physics.  Frost makes a roof slick, and you can't walk on a slick roof.  9:00 gutter guy shows up.  Tells us the roofer won't be here today but will be here at 10 on Saturday.  Farmer Joe calls roofer and has a few words to say.  It is now 9:32 on Saturday morning, and we have already tried to call the roofer to make sure he will be here today, no answer.  So, we don't have a good feeling that he is gonna show.  Guess what the weather forecast is for Monday, yep cloudy and rainy.
Well Farmer just came in and said the roofers are here.  So now plans for the day have to be revised due to the fact I am not leaving them here to work on their own, because they have broken my trust.
A little back story on why we are getting a roof when we did not really want one right now.  Two words, my grandmother.  She had a major health scare last year and has decided that before she leaves this world, she is going to make sure that Joe and I do not have to worry about anything to do with our houses.  We greatly appreciate this, and love her for it, but she has certain people she wants to do the work. Unfortunately, the guys she chose were last on our list.  However, you don't argue with an 86 strong willed woman.  So it has only taken 3 months to get to this point in the roofing, meetings scheduled and canceled (not by us).
Farmer Joe and I have had many discussions over this and it all boils down to one thing.  She loves us.  You can't argue with that.  So we will bite our tongues and hopefully they will finish today.  But, I can guarantee if anyone ever asks us about roofers the first words out of our mouths will be "Don't use so and so!"

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