Monday, November 26, 2012

Skittles & Bits

On May 5th this year in the middle of a Cinco De Mayo party Miss Violet decided to go into labor.  I had just laid down (can't stay up late like I used to) when Farmer Joe comes running in and says "Get dressed, we have a baby!"  I hurriedly dressed and ran down to the barn.  There sat Farmer Joe and a friend Ken right beside Violet as she gave birth.  Having never experienced anything like this I was more excited than a child on Christmas morning.  Within one hour we had eight squirming babies.

We named this litter Bacon Bits.

Then a little over two weeks later Miss Petunia decided it was time.  And within two hours we had ten more cute little piggies.

We named this litter Skittles since they were every color of the rainbow.

All babies remained healthy and grew and grew and grew.

Farmer Joe as a teething toy.

Piggy Pile.

Then came they day they left us.  But that was okay, they were going to a great place.  Bluebird Farm bought 13 babies.  Six Bacon Bits and seven Skittles.  They are a local organic farm and we were so thrilled that our babies were just what they were looking for.  We had purchased pork products and veggies from them for a couple of years and knew that they sale only the best.

This past Sunday Marie and William invited us to come to their farm to help move the Skittles & Bits to the lower corral.  They would be taking them to the abattoir on Monday.  We were more than glad to lend a hand and take a few pictures of how they look now.

Oh my word, did they turn out to be beautiful hogs.  It is so nice to know that we are helping to support the local farming movement.  Marie and William will sell the pork products from these pigs to their CSA members, at our local farmer's market and to a local restaurant.  Knowing that Farmer Joe and I started with the babies and the end result will be delicious pork that people in our community will enjoy gives us a feeling that can't be described.


  1. Looks like they all stayed healthy and happy!

    Nothing reminds us of the cycle of life than a new litter being born!

    Thanks for the pictures!

  2. Thanks for the comment Hermit Jim. We loved being a part of the cycle circle. And with some of this meat going to be offered in a restaurant it gives us new insight on the farm to table movement. Coffee in the kitchen? It's 21 here this morning.

  3. NICE looking pigs! Thick, long and wide. What breeds are they?
    Did the CSA farmers tell you which ones graded out the best ?
    I am hoping to get 2 pigs next year. Doing my research now....
    Congrats on a successful pig breeding project!
    Janis in Vermont

    1. Janis, the Skittles were Duroc/Russian (Mother) and Duroc/Yorkshire (Father) and the Bits were Duroc/Poland China (Mother) and Duroc/Yorkshire (Father). The bits dressed out a little bit in weight than the bits but they all came in above average. Thanks for the congrats and what breeds are you looking at?