Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Introducing.....Flashlight Girl

In the superhero comic called our life, I have finally found my sidekick name.
I am Flashlight Girl!!

The name finally dawned on me after late evening/night household projects yesterday and today.  Last night Farmer Joe morphed into Plumber Joe (this is his real job by the way) to fix a leak in the trap under the bathroom sink.  That was the easy part, only took a few minutes and voila, no more leak.  In the trap that is, somehow while twisting parts together something slipped and hit the shut off valve on the hot water side and the pipe broke.  Instant old faithful.  Joe comes running through the house out the door into the crawlspace to shut all the water off.  Meanwhile we developed a small lake in the bathroom and computer/craft room.  Thank God for shop vacs.  Joe got parts to fix the new leak and was in the process when I heard "Honey can you hand me my flashlight?"  So Flashlight Girl to the rescue.  I donned my cape, grabbed the light and off to the bathroom I went.  Flashlight in hand Joe assessed the situation and with some elbow grease got the new pipe in and connected.

Tonight after work the metamorphosis was into Mechanic Joe.  Neither switch would work to roll the passenger window up or down.  He took the door panel apart and took the motor out and went to have it checked out, worked fine, so he got a new switch, came home and put it in.  Did not work.  Went back to the parts store got another new switch, this one for the driver's side, came back and put that one in.  Still did not work.  So it is a problem for someone else to look at.  It was starting to get get late so Joe went and fed up real quick and then started putting both door panels back on.  By this time it was full dark.  In the house he came.  "Hey Roz, can you get my flashlight and come hold it for so I can get this finished?"  Dun, dun, dun..Flashlight Girl to the rescue!  Donned my cape, grabbed the light and off I went.  Ten minutes later both door panels were reassembled and switches were working.  Well all switches except the passenger window.

So now I know my comic book super hero alter ego.  Just glad I can do something useful.

By the way I showed this post to Farmer Joe before publishing it.  His comment, "Can't wait to see the costume."  my mind instantly jumped into overdrive and I told him, "Just you wait til next Halloween!"

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