Thursday, November 29, 2012

My New Nemesis

Here it is, my new nemesis.

Looks harmless enough.  Yeah right.  This little ball of putty is what they gave me when I went for my hand therapy yesterday.  The instructions stated to squeeze it with my left hand for eight minutes at a time five times a day.  Then after that I have to roll it out on the table and pinch it with each of my fingers.  For eight minutes at a time five times a day.

The first time was not so bad.  Trying to find time for the other seven is harder than I thought.  I sit down at the kitchen table get the putty out, look around see something that needs to be done and off I go.  Not that I am truly complaining mind you, I am enjoying my time at home.  The best thing is being able to have supper ready when Farmer Joe gets home from work, instead of having to cook when I would get home and eat at 8:00 at night.

But back to the putty.  Squeezing and pinching are easy things.  How many times a day to we do this and not realize it.  However, when it is all you can do to curl your fingers into a fist this task becomes monumental.  But I am conquering it, eight minutes at a time.  I know there are millions out there who have had carpal tunnel surgery and have gone through this before me.  To them I say Congratulations!!!  Each new task I am given and master, or each time I find a way to do one of the many ordinary things we all do each day,  makes me do a little victory dance inside.  Never ever take for granted all that you are able to do.  And for those with a disability who conquer their life I am truly amazed at your ingenuity and courage.

Don't take things for granted.  We never know what the future holds.

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  1. Sometimes we have to celebrate the small victories in order to see the big ones!

    Just hang in there, my friend!