Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Uncle Hamish And The Hooligans

This past Friday one of our favorite local bands came to town to help celebrate two lovely ladies birthdays.  It is always a blast when these guys show up and having a party for Mrs. P and Mrs. S made it doubly wonderful.  The guys in the band work so hard that we try and either have a meal beforehand or go eat after the show.  The following are a few pictures from that day.

Farmer Joe morphed into Smokey Joe and fixed some Boston butts and turkey legs.

I made a couple of Buttermilk Pies.

Smoky Joe has to do a taste test.

Mr R approves of the turkey legs, and Joe got a bear hug for a thank you.

Mrs. G made an outstanding cake, complete with bagpipe decorations.

Our emcee of the night Mr. Epley, with John Barden of the band.

The band, from left to right. On keyboard, Chip Smith.  Connell Sanderson on the bagpipes. Shawn Dunham on bass.  Brett Maney on drums. John Barden on lead guitar.

If you can't tell from the picture, they are a celtic band.  And they are awesome!!  For a taste of how they sound check out their website Uncle Hamish And The Hooligans.  They play all around, check out their schedule and if you find them at a venue near you, go see them.  You will hear a wide variety from traditional celtic to originals they have written and if you are really lucky some ACDC thrown in for good measure!

A wonderful time was had by all!!


  1. Now that's the way to celebrate a birthday! Good music, good food, and good friends...what could be better!

  2. Thanks for being my first comment Hermit Jim and for putting me on your blog list. And you are correct there is no better way to celebrate. How about coming to my kitchen in the morning for coffee? It will be chilly but I will have a fire in the woodstove.

  3. Oh wonderful! I checked their schedule... Melbourne FL ... my residence at that moment! Then Elizabethton, TN in September...wow, my permanent roost. How convenient. No excuse to miss them. I love bagpipes...and kilts. Kilts appear the best choice for man to wear...the most healthful, sensible choice.

  4. Elizabethon? We aren't too far apart then, just a little over an hour. Farmer Joe's family is from there. I have not checked the schedule, but I believe they will be in TN at the Maryville Highland games. (Not sure if I have the name right on that one.)